SMILING makes mathematical sense!

Walking around the streets of Bali, the smile of the locals feels really contagious. While there are other places with beautiful beaches and temples to visit, this deep feeling of happiness you have when staying on the island is the main reason for most people putting this beautiful part of the world on their bucket list.


We have all seen the ripples that appear when throwing a pebble in a lake. Personally, the skipping with the pebble is optional as I have never mastered it after all these years!

The ripples in the lake are a metaphor for the effects our actions have on others, especially the people we have never met. You probably wondering how you could affect the life of somebody you have never met and don’t even know exist.

Imagine you are waking up one morning and your best friend phones you to tell you that she is cancelling your girly evening because her ex-boyfriend called her and might come and see her. While you shower, you start getting angry because you know is not a great guy for her and that she is blowing you off for just a small possibility that he might come and see her. While dressing up, you remember how she came crying on your shoulder on the numerous occasions he did wrong her. By the time you leave your house, you are so angry that you don’t even notice the postman trying to hand you a letter. At the coffee shop, they hand you the wrong drink and you tell the barrister that surely making drinks is not rocket science. The poor guy, who already had that very morning a refusal letter from the university of his dreams, feels really under-estimated and a little angry. You can only imagine how he treated the hundreds of customers he served that day and how in turn some might have felt bad and decided to turn their anger on their colleagues and family members, ruining hundreds of people’s day. It is a shame that you didn’t notice the postman that morning as the letter would have put a smile on your face, you had just won a ticket for 2 all expenses paid for a week holiday in Bali. Imagine how hundreds of people’s life might have been better if you had put your anger to one side and notice the postman! Let’s hope that you didn’t anger the postman too much and that the letter made it to your letter box. Personally, I am always smiling to the postman, just in case!

What if, we made that conscious decision to be happy and smile more to all the people we came across and maybe just add a friendly “hello” to the postman, or a “How are you today?” to the barrister that makes you coffee every day and even ask your colleagues for a nice drink after work as you are now free. Those simple things would have such a positive rippling effect on all people around you and even beyond and that is pure maths!